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Phil Landowski

Phil Landowski

Phil Landowski is the owner and principal designer at Lakeland Creative. With over 12 years of graphic design and marketing communications experience, Phil credits his graphic design and marketing communications success, skill, and experience to people who provided him with extraordinary opportunities along the way. Phil has the lead creative and strategic role in all projects taken by Lakeland Creative.

a network of alliances

Our engaging copy, visually arresting graphics, and cutting edge print and web solutions are among the best for Chicago, Milwaukee, and Green Bay area business, but our competitive advantage is the value we are able to deliver on them. Lakeland relies on a carefully selected network of alliances to round out our full-service solution. When needed, we contract on a per-project basis with individuals and services whom we have a rooted trust in both thier work and business practices. This allows us to maintain a very low overhead in comparison to other firms offering the same caliber of marketing solutions. This also eliminates the hassle and uncertainty of pursuing temporary and freelance help where quality of work, working environment, and business ethics are unknown - and a gamble.

For our fellow graphic and marketing professionals - if you've come to this page seeking a working relationship with our company, and you think you have what it takes to help deliver strong, brand-enhancing services under the Lakeland Creative brand - we're happy to hear from you. Contact us using the form and tells us about yourself, your experience, your strengths, and of course, we will want to see some examples of your work. We will connect with you if we believe you may be a good fit for our team.

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