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Perhaps you've already built or redesigned your web site and are looking for more results from your investment. While it is always best to incorporate search engine optimization (SEO) principles and strategies into a site beforehand, it's never too late to get started. Lakeland can review your current site's structure and organization and implement changes that will help your ranking on searches in Google, Yahoo, and others. Other maintenance and improvement services include:

  • Content and page additions using your current page styles
  • SEO tailored copy writing and edits
  • Flash/javascript for dynamic content and demonstration
  • URL canonization (for increased ranking improvement)
  • Load time checking (a new factor in Google page ranking)
  • Google analytics implementation
  • keyword density analysis
  • Alt-text image enhancement
  • Shopping carts and database management
  • Site maps for increased search engine indexing

Lakeland also offers packages for administrating Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns. PPC campaigns can be very effective especially when your market is already heavily saturated online. In addition you can exercise precise control on what kind of traffic you are driving to your website.

We also offer solutions for clients that want to convert traffic into sales-ready leads with powerful online tools such as Demandbase.

Let's talk. The channels from which you can promote your brand effectively and inexpensively are nearly limitless. We have the knowledge and experience to help you decide which options to pursue based on your unique position.

We are the best value for amplifying your message and impact online.
Lakeland Creative Web Services.